An app to manage your money, your bucks, your cash, your dough, your dollars, your greens much easier.

You become a user in seconds and without going anywhere.



Why Xcoop?

Because Xcoop is the easiest way, to send and receive money inside and outside your country, pay for services or recharge mobile phones. You can move your money 24 hours a day, safely and 100% online, without queuing or tedious procedures. Xcoop is the first regional platform that allows you to operate from any device connected to the internet. Join in! Xcoop is true financial inclusion.

Send and receive money.

Send and receive payments easily. Track all transactions from anywhere with Xcoop.

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Pay bills easily.

You will no longer have to queue. Just give us the account number and the bills are paid securely.

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Recharge mobile phones.

Recharge cell phones in an instant. Save time. You just need to tell us the phone number.

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Download the Xcoop application on your cell phone

The Xcoop App is perfect, more practical and functional to manage the money you have in your Xcoop account from your mobile.


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